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WGM Member Spotlight: Joseph Rubin

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Tell us about you. How did you find weaving?
Joseph Rubin was a medical oncologist at Mayo Rochester, Minnesota. He received his medical degree from Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine and had been in practice for more than 20 years. He recently retired (three years ago) and decided to try Chiaki O’Brian’s SOARI style class at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. While he enjoyed the class, Joe realized he was interested in learning how to incorporate more structure and pattern into his design. Joe next signed up for classes with Carol Johnson and Donna Hanson.

What type of weaving do you like to currently do? Are there other practices you’d like to try/learn more about?
Because Joe is very interested in structure and pattern, he enjoys towel, blanket and coverlet projects as a medium. He is interested in learning more techniques such as rep weave and double weave and hopes to take classes on these techniques soon.

Where do you find inspiration?
Joe’s interest in weaving started in his interest in the arts through his travels and exposure to international textiles including trips to the middle east, Morocco, etc. He currently finds inspiration through books, magazines such as Handwoven and through the arts.

Describe the space where you work.
Joe works at the WGM studio and at home in his at-home studio in Rochester, Minnesota. His home studio has a lot of natural light which he enjoys.

Why do you think weaving and the arts are important?
Joe expressed his deep appreciated for the arts in general and his fascination on how the patterns develop and evolve. He described the variations in pinwheel design he did and the amazing patterns it created as a whole.

Do you have any advice for beginners that are new to weaving?
Take classes, learn from instructors at WGM. He said that they will point you in the right direction and point our things you would not know on your own. Instructors will prevent you from acquiring bad habits and help you acquire good habits. He shared that he has experienced extraordinary teachers at WGM and that they are able to help you see things you just can’t!