Weavers Guild of Minnesota Staff

Karin Knudsen, Operations Manager

WGM Role: Financial operations; Development, including grant-writing and fundraising; Manages the Fiber Source Store and in-kind donations; Marketing, communication strategy & The Draft; Membership, activities, events and member engagement.

Bringing her anthropological background and experience in communications to every task, Karin manages a wide-ranging set of responsibilities for the Weavers Guild. Her expertise is writing and communication, crafting engaging content that tells the stories behind what we do. Karin holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology: her thesis explored communication and community within a college football team. She is also a practicing fiber artist and teacher.

Betsy Konop, Education Manager

WGM Role: Program strategy, vision, execution, and evaluation; policy development; classroom and equipment management; instructor, visiting artist, and program partner development; audience development; digital marketing and communications; grant writing.

Betsy has over a decade of experience working in the arts, collaborating with colleagues, artists, and community partners on dynamic and creative projects and programs. Her most recent post was with the Portland Art Museum as Education and Public Programs Assistant where she engaged a broad range of visitors on topics that were locally, nationally, and globally relevant. She managed the Museum’s ongoing monthly programs and worked closely with the Associate Director of Education and Public Programs to develop programming and partnerships. Together, they oversaw 120-150 programs serving 18,000 people annually. In her role, she also managed the annual budgeting process and monitored spending for the Education and Public Programs Department.

Board of Directors

WGM is a 501c3 nonprofit member organization and is governed by a member-elected board of directors. Directors owe a fiduciary duty to the nonprofit to act in good faith, with care, and in the best interests of the organization. WGM is governed by a committed board of directors in compliance with charity guidelines set forth by the State of Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. WGM follows its most recently adopted WGM ByLaws. WGM’s Board of Directors is elected by membership at the Annual Meeting.

WGM Board of Directors (September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2022)

Amanda Anderson, President 

Chief Administrative Officer of Ascent Private Capital Management of U. S. Bank; MBA, Yale University.

Matthew Schutz, Treasurer, chair of Finance Committee

CPA specializing in not-for-profit accounting, regulation interpretation, and financial reporting.

Lisa Black, Secretary

Project manager, pharmaceutical company.

Linda Soranno, Past President, chair of the Nominating Committee

Vice President, Deputy General Counsel at General Mills; interest in developing ethical organizations.

Barbara Daiker, member-at-large

University administrator; experience in strategic direction and operation aligment.

Dawn Gillette-Kircher, member-at-large

Small business owner and product developer, former vocational college instructor.

Neal Goman, member-at-large

Retired electrical engineer, expertise in handspinning and equipment.

Melba Granlund, member-at-large, chair of Outreach Committee

Retired paralegal, expertise in Swedish/Scandinavian handcrafts, warp-weighted loom weaver.

Barbara Heath, member-at-large

Fiber artist and educator, retired human resources manager.

Cass Markovich, member-at-large

Former educator, rigid-heddle weaver.

Mary M. Mateer, member-at-large

Ramsey County Public Defender, floor loom weaver.

Keith Pierce, member-at-large

Retired mathematician, leader of Banditos interest group, partners with Karen Weavers of KOM.

Joe Rubin, member-at-large

Retired medical oncologist, floor loom weaver, passion for fiber arts.

Dawn Severson, member-at-large

Retired corporate controller and financial analyst.

Beth Varro, member-at-large

Programming & audience relations, membership & data expertise, handspinner.

Development Committee: chair, Anna Landes Benz

MA in K-12 Special Education, program and faculty developer.

Education Committee: chair, Heather MacKenzie

MFA in Fiber & Material Studies, artist and educator.

Diversity, Equity, Assessibility & Inclusion Committee: chair, Past President of the Board