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Celebrating and sharing the arts of weaving, spinning, and dyeing.

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota is a dynamic community of makers who embrace the breadth and depth of global weaving, spinning, and dyeing practices. We offer opportunities for connection and learning through programming, access to supplies, and community partnerships.

Whether you have been creating spun yarn or woven cloth for decades or are looking to try something new, we welcome anyone with an interest. Located in Minneapolis, we have three bustling classroom spaces that host more than 150 programs annually. Our retail shop is bursting with an array of supplies, including affordably-priced donated equipment, tools, and yarn. Stop by and take a peek!

Classes & Workshops

WGM offers courses for a variety of interests. Click here to view current classes.

Introductory classes:
Wheel spinning, Spindle spinning, Fiber prep
Portable Weaving: Rigid heddle, Inkle, Card, Kumihimo, Tapestry, Sami-inspired, Needle lace, Netting, Scaffold
Floor Loom Weaving: Floor loom, Rug, SAORI
Dyeing: Fiber & dye sampler, Natural dyeing basics, Natural dye gardening

Additional classes offered throughout the year:
Long Draw, Batts on the Electric Drum Carder, Spinning from Lock, Spinning to Knit or Crochet, Art Yarns, Silk Spinning, Flax to Linen
Rigid Heddle: examples include Terrific Twills on the Rigid Heddle, Fine Threads on the Rigid Heddle, The Power of Pick-Up on the Rigid Heddle, Color and Weave on the Rigid Heddle, Weft-Faced Fabrics on the Rigid Heddle
Floor Loom: Crackle weave, Summer and Winter, Krokbragd, Nothing Plain about Plain Weave, Time for Towels, Stripes and Structures, Fundamentals of Rep Weave, Three-Shuttle Rag Rugs, Theo Moorman Inlay Technique, Designing with weaving software, Drafting classes, Dressing countermarch looms, Warping refresher, Finishing techniques
Dyeing: Dye to Spin, Handpainted roving,  Handpainted skeins

Other learning opportunities

Equipment rental: Members can rent the Guild’s spinning and weaving equipment for on- and off-site use
Visiting artist workshops: WGM regularly hosts workshops by nationally-known artists
Private lessons: Students may request one-on-one instruction with skilled and knowledgable teachers


The Weavers Guild is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming work and learning environment for members, staff, faculty, volunteers, students, and the public. Reasonable accommodations will be made by WGM to ensure access to WGM programs and services for people with disabilities. Accommodations include, but are not limited to, providing ASL interpreters, live transcription, large print or Braille materials, and accessible equipment options. For more information, please visit our Accessibility & Facilities page.

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Materials fees

Most classes require a materials fee, in addition to the tuition price, which covers the cost of handouts and some supplies. This materials fee is paid separately from tuition and paid directly to the instructor on the first day of class. You can find more information about materials fees of specific classes by clicking the REGISTER links in the class catalog.

Weaving classes may also require the purchase of yarns, which are not typically supplied by instructors. Most yarns required by WGM classes can be bought at Fiber Source, our store at the guild, or online in advance of class.