Donating tools, equipment, yarn or fibers

The Guild is happy to receive donations of items related to weaving and spinning. Donated items are considered for use in the Guild or sold via Fiber Source to students and the public to support guild programs.

Looms & Spinning Wheels

  • We accept equipment in good working order: small looms (frame loom, inkle loom, table loom), spinning wheels and floor looms. We are able to make small repairs to equipment.
  • We do not accept equipment for quilting or presentation (frames or canvas). The Textile Center accepts these types of donations for their annual Garage Sale.

How to Donate Your Equipment

Due to limited amount of space, floor looms will be evaluated by a guild volunteer before they can be dropped-off at the guild. Take a photo of your item and email it and a description of the item to

Tools for Weaving & Spinning

  • We accept all weaving and spinning tools that are in good working condition
  • This includes shuttles, bobbins, handcards, ball winders, swifts, temples, warping boards, etc.

How to Donate Your Tools

Tools can be dropped off at the guild during office hours.

Yarns & Fleece

  • We accept weaving yarns, handspun yarn, and knitting yarn
  • We do not accept unwashed fleece. Fiber should be clean and ready to spin or felt.
  • We do not accept fabric. (Please contact Textile Center for fabric donations.)
  • Yarn must be clean and free of odors.

How to Donate your Yarn

Due to a limited amount of space, if you are donating more than two garbage bags of yarn, please contact the guild before it is dropped off. Yarn can be dropped off at the guild during office hours.

Books & Magazines

  • We accept literature related to weaving, spinning & dyeing. Books and magazines will be added to the library if needed or sold to support Guild programs.
  • Books must be in good condition, pages and spine intact, and free of odors.
  • Magazines must be in good condition, pages intact.

How to Donate Books & Magazines

Books & Magazines can be dropped off at the guild during office hours.