Guide to Your Member Benefits:
All About Interest & Study Groups
Members, are you looking to learn from the experience of others? Our Interest and Study Groups may be just the ticket. More than 1/5 of WGM members belong to a group, making good use of that membership benefit.
WGM has eleven interest groups, each dedicated to a specific topic or field. Groups are led by guild volunteers and most groups meet monthly. Groups may work on projects together, challenge members to work on something new, share equipment and supply tips, or simply share their latest successes and adventures. Some organize donations to other nonprofits, work on volunteer projects for WGM, curate exhibitions, hold off-site tours, and so much more.
While most groups involve a regular collection of members, a few are designed for those who want to drop in. The Community Read Book Club meets 3-4 times per year, and any member who is interested in the book may join. New and Occasional Weavers (NOW) is another drop in group; the meeting topic is posted in The Draft and all who are interested are welcome (email the group leads for more info).
While we are in transition to our new space at Open Book, most groups continue to meet using the guild’s Zoom line, due to space limitations at our current space. WGM also provides access to, a platform for sharing messages, images and other group info in an easy-to-use format. Groups can also post info in The Draft and connect with WGM staff for other group requests.
If you’re new to WGM–or looking to meet other members–joining a group might provide a spark. You can find the full list of all the groups on our website, here: We look forward to seeing you in an upcoming meeting!