Shop and Support WGM

If you’ve been to our space, you know–we’re too small to carry it all. (We dream of the day when we can expand our selection and sales floor!) As a teaching guild, we prioritize supplies for our beginning classes and for learners who are just getting started.
We appreciate every purchase you make with us. Here are other ways to shop and support WGM:

Order from Schacht Spindle

In need of a new loom, warping supplies or spinning wheel? One of the largest weaving and spinning supply manufacturers in the US, Schacht Spindle makes high-quality looms, wheels, tools and equipment. Schacht is the brand of the equipment we use for most classes, which includes Baby and Mighty Wolf looms, inkle looms, zoom looms, and rigid heddle looms. They also make shuttles, pick up sticks, fringe twisters, drop spindles, and so much more.
As a dealer for Schacht Spindle, WGM can special order items for you. Dreaming of a floor loom? Outfitting your new flip rigid heddle loom? Let us help you! Small specialty items can be picked up at WGM (so we can maximize on shipping); larger items ship to your home with reduced fees for members.
How it works:
Make your wish list at Schacht Spindle, noting the item number and current price. When you’re ready to order, call or email WGM. We’ll create your invoice and request your product. Note: due to manufacturing delays, as of March 2022,  orders estimate 8 weeks to fulfillment.
Email or call WGM for more info.

Halcyon Yarn Guild Rewards

Ordering a large amount of yarn online? When placing orders at Halcyon Yarn, visit their guild rewards page to select WGM as the recipient of your purchase rewards. At the end of each year, Halcyon Yarn will reward our guild with 5% of all individual sales totals. If you have an online account, select us once and the system will save yoru selection. Thank you!

The Woolery Guild Rewards

The Woolery (Kentucky) offers speedy service and an easy-to-shop website. When creating your online order, use WGM’s guild link so your purchase can be rewarded back to our guild. Start your shopping with the Woolery by clicking here:

Yarn Barn of Kansas

As an organization, we purchase select yarn through the Yarn Barn of Kansas. We can’t say enough for their friendly service. Although we don’t receive any rewards with your purchase, we recommend Yarn Barn for their customer service and wide selection.

Amazon Smile

Perhaps you shop through Amazon. Start your purchase at and they will donate part of your sale to WGM, at no cost to you. This reward is valid on all purchases made through Amazon, as long as you start with Amazon Smile.