Accessibility & Facilities

Accessibility & Non-discrimination Policy 

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota (WGM) is committed to providing access to our space, programs and services to people with disabilities. WGM does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to employment, services, programs or events. Reasonable accommodations will be made to serve people with disabilities. Please read our full accessibility and non-discrimination policy.

Staff, members, and students work together to ensure that WGM’s spaces and programs are comfortable and inviting. All visitors can expect to be welcomed and oriented to the space when they arrive. Our shared curiosity and desire to learn in community – along with our diversity of interests, strengths, backgrounds, and abilities – make our community vibrant and dynamic.


WGM is located on the third floor of the Open Book building at 1011 Washington Ave S in Minneapolis. 


Bus lines 3, 7, and 22 service Washington Ave S with stops located within one block of Open Book. The nearest Metro rail station is US Bank Stadium (.4 miles away), which is serviced by the Blue and Green lines.

Bike, Scooter, & Motorcycle Parking

Bike racks are located along Washington Ave S and behind the Open Book building. Scooters and motorcycles are welcome to park near the bike rack at the rear of the building. The rear rack is accessible by the Open Book parking lot as well as the alleyway between Washington Ave S and 3rd St. 

Car Parking

Open Book has a designated parking lot with over 30 spaces. The lot is located on the east side of the building and is accessible from eastbound Washington Ave S or from the alleyway between Washington Ave S and 3rd St. You are welcome to park in any open space signed “Open Book Parking.” Do not park in spaces signed for other businesses or organizations.

Street parking is also available: 50¢ per hour on 10th Ave and 3rd St and $1 per hour on Washington and 11th Aves. Download the MPLS Parking App to make paying easier or pay with cash or credit card at the pay stations. 

There is one accessible parking spot for those with disabilities in the side lot near the front entrance of the building. Two additional accessible parking spots are located in the rear lot, directly behind the building. The rear lot is accessible from the alleyway between Washington Ave S and 3rd St.

Building Access

Open Book has entrances at the front and rear of the building. Both entrances have push button doors that open outward.

An elevator is located behind a spiral staircase in the first floor lobby and takes visitors to all levels of the space. 

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in our space and throughout the Open Book building.


There are accessible nongendered restrooms on each floor of the building. Restrooms contain changing stations. 

All restrooms have entryways that are at least 34” across and can be opened with one hand. Doors open inward and have twisting door handles. All restrooms have grab bars and maneuvering space. All sinks accommodate a forward approach. Faucets can be operated with one hand and do not require tight grasping or twisting of the wrist.

Quiet Room

A quiet room is available for visitors. Inquire at the desk in the first floor lobby to gain access to this space for medical purposes or for prayer.

Finding WGM

WGM is located on the third floor. Take the elevator to the third floor. When you step off the elevator, turn right and head to the end of the hall. There is an incline at the end of the hall with handrails on both sides of the hall. This route is cane-detectable.

A student entrance is located straight ahead. The door remains closed, but is unlocked during scheduled class times. The door opens inwards with a turn handle. 

A public entrance is located to the left of the student entrance. This door is open during public hours. There is an additional door between WGM’s retail space and common area. This door is usually open during public hours. It is lightweight and opens outward.

All doorways have a beveled threshold that is less than ¾” tall.

WGM Facilities

WGM’s space contains:

  • a retail space with new and gently-used weaving and spinning equipment
  • a common area for gathering, research, and equipment use 
  • two large classroom areas
  • a kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, coffeemaker and utensils, cups, and plates

Pathways within WGM’s retail space are at least 36” wide. Objects within the space are cane-detectable. 

The check-out counter in the retail space has a parallel approach with surrounding space measuring 60” long and 48” wide. The counter height is 29”.

WGM’s kitchen counter extends the length of the kitchen and is 34” tall.

Students have access to a range of accessible equipment including warping mills, electric spinners, and table looms. 

Classroom seating is flexible, with a range of chair options (variable heights, with and without backs or wheels). Most chairs have a weight capacity of 600lbs. Classroom tables are 29”-30” tall with a clearance height of 28.” 8” table risers are available to students.

Ventilation & Masking

Air purifiers and ionizers are located throughout the space. Although we do not require masking, we ask that students bring a mask in the case another student requires others to mask in order to participate. This includes those who are immunocompromised or who live with someone who is immunocompromised. Instructors and students are welcome to ask their class to mask up if their situation requires it.

Program Access & Alternative Formats

WGM provides reasonable accommodations such as assistive listening devices, ASL interpretation, Typewell/C-Print/CART transcription, and large-print or Braille materials. Requests for accommodations should be sent to Accessibility Coordinator, Betsy Konop. 10 days advance notice is appreciated. Betsy can be reached by phone, email, mail, or in person at:

1011 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415
612-436-0463, ext. 3


WGM values your privacy. We dol not sell, share, or distribute your contact information.

Waiver of Liability

Registrants of Weavers Guild of Minnesota classes, workshops and events agree all employees, volunteers, speakers, vendors are exempted from liability of risks associated with attendance and participation.