Interest Groups

Participation in WGM’s Interest and Study Groups is a benefit of membership. Join or renew your WGM membership today!

The Weavers Guild has a long history of Interest and Study Groups, which are small member-led groups developed around a particular practice, technique, or aspect of weaving or spinning. Most meet monthly at a set time to talk, share ideas, and learn from each other. Some have a monthly program, others execute group projects. Each group is led by a knowledgeable guild member.

Participating is a great way to learn from other members, share ideas and common interests, and get to know other guild members in an informal way. As of March 2022, most groups are meeting over Zoom.

See the list below to find the right group for you, based on your interests.


If your Group lists a page, request to join WGM’s main page on here:

After your membership is verified, you can request access to the interest group(s) of your choice. The main page is the entry point for all participants. is a forum that allows members to communicate, save project information, and share images, meeting notes, and their Zoom link information

If there is no page listed for your selected group: Please contact the leader directly using the information listed or reach out to WGM staff for contact info.

Tapestry Weaving Interest Group, Zoom only

  • This group is for weavers and designers of all skill levels with a passion for tapestry in its many forms, traditions, and expressions
  • Group leader: Laura Berlage
  • Meets on the first Sunday of the month, 5-7pm, over Zoom
  • To join: request membership through their page.

SAORI Interest Group, in-person only

  • The SAORI Interest Group is interested in exploring the creative weaving style founded by Misao Jo of Japan. Members are encouraged to bring their items, their enthusiasm, and explore the teachings of SAORI together.
  • Meets 3-4 times per year. Dates are announced in The Draft (members’ newsletter).
  • This group meets in person: please RSVP the group lead as space is limited.
  • Group leader: Chiaki O’Brien
  • To join: Email the group leader.

Community Read Book Club, Zoom only

  • The WGM Community Read is an informal gathering of members who explore writings related to weaving, spinning, dyeing, fiber and history. Members are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, share photos of related textile samples, and bring their questions.
  • Meets 3-4 times per year. This group meets over Zoom only.
  • Discussions are generally led by a member of the group, who is selected in advance of the meeting
  • Book Title and meeting dates are announced in The Draft (member newsletter), along with the Zoom link information.
  • The Community Read does not have a page.
  • To join: email the group leader to be put on an email reminder list: guild librarian Mary Skoy


  • This group is open to members interested in exploring any form of band weaving or braiding.
  • Participation is open to all guild members; no experience necessary.
  • Meets the second Thursday of the month, 10am until noon on Zoom
  • Group Leader: Keith Pierce
  • To join: request membership through their page.

Dobby Weavers

  • This group is interested in weaving with mechanical and computerized looms. Members use WGM’s compu-dobby loom for group projects.
  • Guild members of all experience levels are welcome to join, including beginners. Please contact the group before coming to your first meeting.
  • Meets the third Wednesday of the month, 1pm on Zoom (note new date)
  • Group Leader: Katherine Buenger
  • To join: request membership through their page.

New and Occasional Weavers Interest Group (NOW)

  • NOW is devoted to sharing weaving tips and tricks, techniques and tools. NOW is topic-specific and invites all interested guild members to attend that month’s meeting–without a commitment to join. Presenters are normally guild members, providing a “by-member, for-member” learning opportunity.
  • The gathering starts with a short introduction to a beginning weaving topic, such as a weave structure. The introduction is followed by discussion and show & tell of individual projects.
  • The group meets the 2nd Sunday of the month at 1pm, from September to May on Zoom. (NOW does not meet in June, July or August.)
  • Meeting notices and recaps are posted on the Facebook group, WGM New and Occasional Weavers. Any WGM member can gain access by searching the group name and sending a Facebook request.
  • NOW is co-led by Arlene Monk & Gerri Barosso
  • To join: request membership through their page or email the leads directly. Emails are posted in The Draft meeting announcements.

Portable Weaving Interest Group

  • This group is open to any member interested in any form of small, portable, and off-loom weaving or braiding. Examples include: all types of band weaving including tablet weaving, inkle weaving, and others; rigid heddle weaving; kumihimo and other types of braiding; any other weaving or braiding craft needing only portable equipment.
  • The group welcomes members at all levels of skill, including beginners.
  • The group meets the fourth Thursday of each month, 10am – 12pm on Zoom, over Zoom.
  • Group Leader: Shirley McKee
  • To join, request membership through their page.

Rag Rug Study Group

  • This group is open to any member interested in weaving rag rugs.
  • New members, of all levels of weaving experience, are welcome to join.
  • Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, 6:30-8:30pm on Zoom.
  • Group Leader: Judy Larson
  • To join: request membership through their page.

Rigid Heddle Interest Group

  • This group is designed for all members interested in weaving on a rigid heddle.
  • We welcome beginners to advanced rigid heddle weavers, as we explore the boundless possibilities on this amazing portable loom.
  • Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 6:30pm via Zoom, with scheduled in-person meet ups.
  • Group leader: Connie LaTendresse
  • To join: request membership through their page.

Scandinavian Weavers Study Group

  • This group is committed to the study and promotion of traditional Scandinavian weaving techniques and other cultures of interest, encouraging each other to preserve traditional folk art techniques and use the techniques to expand contemporary artistic expression.
  • All Weavers Guild members are welcome to participate.
  • Meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month, 2pm via Zoom, with scheduled in-person meet ups.
  • Read more about us on our blog!
  • Group Leader: Robbie LaFleur
  • To join: request membership through their page.

Whorling Spinsters

  • This group meets monthly to spin, compare spinning accomplishments, solve spinning problems, and talk about fiber and spinning wheels.
  • Spinners of all levels are encouraged to attend.
  • Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm on Zoom or in-person (schedule variable)
  • Note: The June, July, August meetings are generally held at Minnehaha Falls.
  • Group Leader: Riley Kleve
  • To join: request membership through their page.
  • Meeting dates are confirmed via as they are subject to change due to weather.
Handwoven Band
Handwoven Band
Colorful skeins of yarn
Textured tapestry
Close up on hands tapestry weaving
Colorful textured yarn