The Weavers Guild is a 501c3 non profit organization as determined by the IRS. Minnesota nonprofit organizations are governed by the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act, Minn. Stat. ch. 317A. A nonprofit corporation’s purpose and activities must serve the organization’s mission to benefit the public, and may not be operated to profit other persons or entities. More information is available via the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

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  • In Accordance with Minnesota state law, “a nonprofit is required to maintain complete and accurate books and records regarding its operations and affairs, including its articles and bylaws, accounting records, voting agreements, and meeting minutes. Minn. Stat. § 317A.461. A member or a director, or the agent or attorney of a member or a director, may inspect all documents referred to in subdivision 1 or 3 for any proper purpose at any reasonable time. A proper purpose is one reasonably related to the person’s interest as a member or director of the corporation.” To request a review, please email

WGM 2020: Five Year Strategic Plan (Due to Covid-19, the WGM 2020 Strategic Plan will extend through FY21)

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