Eileen Fisher’s Fall 2017 campaign is promoting power in women’s words with #realpower“Power isn’t limited to Pennsylvania Avenue. Women make an impact every day—through their work, communities and the purchases they make.” That is the statement in the description of the short video promoting Eileen Fisher’s Fall 2017 campaign. Unlike regular fashion campaigns and images, this one is all about highlighting the work of a group of diverse women who are using their voice to better their world.

WGM’s board of director, Maddy Bartsch was a guest speaker along with two other local women leaders Julie Steller and Helen Winder on September 23, 2017 at Eileen Fisher at Edina Galleria as part of this special campaign. Maddy’s favorite #realpower campaign quote was “There is nothing more powerful than a woman who owns who she is. Nothing.” Maddy shared the ups and downs of trying to navigate a creative and professional life after college. Congrats to Maddy on being selected to present on this panel!

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How Eileen Fisher’s Fall 2017 Campaign Is Promoting Power in Women’s Words