In Memoriam: Madeline Shinbach
Longtime guild member, WGM class assistant, and expert weaver Madeline Shinbach passed away on December 25, 2020. For students, Madeline was a calm and patient voice of help during those tricky beginning steps. Her warmth was palpable. She was a mentor, tireless volunteer in the Textile Center library and with WGM book donations, co-chaired the last Fiber Fair sale, and friend to many.
From her obituary: “Madeline was a talented and caring person who led a remarkable life, a good life, that she filled with continuous learning and boundless love for those around her. A real pioneer, she was one of the few women to graduate from The California Institute of Technology in the 70s, where she received a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering. While she commented that “it was a cold and lonely place” for her, she persisted and hoped to have opened the door for other young women to follow.” Link to view the full Obituary