Member Listening Session Recap
The Listening Session was attended by 34 members, including our Board. Thank you for participating!
To learn more about our attendees, we began with a poll: Most attendees were motivated to join out of concern for WGM’s future, 68% were weavers, nearly all had taken advantage of our service adaptations during Covid, and 68% reported they had been a member for 3 years or more.
Overall impressions from the session:
  • Members report positive experiences with digital learning
  • Online programming is recognized as an investment in the future
  • Our members crave engagement & miss in-person gatherings
  • There is a deep appreciation for staff & current faculty and concern about losing either
  • When asked, members feel that the Board is shepherding finances wisely now to maintain our guild through Covid
If you missed the meeting, you can watch the introduction and overview here:
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