Thank you Board members!
At the fiscal year end (August 31), our Board members rotate, with the members elected at the summer Annual Meeting starting their terms.
Thanks to Amanda Anderson, President in Fiscal Year 2022. Her guidance and leadership was critical over this last year, as well as her efforts to bring WGM’s Strategic Plan to life. Amanda will continue to serve on the Board as Past President, and lead the Tech pillar of the Strategic Plan priorities.
A special thank you to Board members whose terms have ended: Keith Pierce and Melba Granlund.
Keith Pierce is an expert bandweaver who brought his eye for precision and passion for global textile traditions to the forefront during his tenure on the Weavers Guild Board. He played a key role in the 2021 UnAnnual Auction.
Keith leads the Banditos Interest Group, who you may recognize from their volunteer efforts making WGM’s rosettes for the MN State Fair, spending many hours weaving and assembling our one-of-a-kind awards.
We thank Melba Granlund for her extended Board service. After three terms on the Board, Melba has rotated off due to term limits. She specializes in traditional techniques from Scandinavia, including weaving on a warp-weighted loom.
Melba is passionate about outreach to greater Minnesota. Her leadership of the Outreach Committee has provided continued stability as we envision WGM’s presence at fairs and festivals in a changing environment.