The Weavers Guild is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors, working with staff to implement the Strategic Plan and annual goals.
Starting September 1, at the beginning of WGM’s new fiscal year, we welcome the following:
  • Kip Beardsley, President
  • Aimee Gillespie, Treasurer
  • Secretary, Deb Jensen, second term
  • Beáta Rydeen, Member at Large, first term
  • Pam Friedland, Member at Large, first term
  • Beth Varro, Member at Large, third term
  • Joe Rubin, Member at Large, second term
  • Mary Mateer, Member at Large, third term
  • Amanda Anderson, Member at Large, previously served as President
At its June meeting, the Board appointed Kip Beardsley to the vacant President elect position, to serve in this role until the end of August before assuming the Presidency. Note: WGM is still searching for to fill the President-elect position for FY24 (President in FY25).
The Elected Nominees join the following members on the FY24 Board, who are mid-term.
  • Linda Soranno, Member at Large, (previously served as President)
  • Barb Daiker, Member at Large, second term
  • Lisa Black, Past President (President this current year)
Welcome new Board members and thank you to those who are serving again!