Open Book Update & Timeline
At the August 18 Board meeting, the Weavers Guild Board of Directors approved the move to the third floor space at Open Book. This will be a huge–and exciting–transition. As we move to our new location, we hope you join us in celebrating the success and growth of Textile Center and WGM over the last twenty years.
Renting at Open Book allows us to increase our footprint, offers greater access to additional spaces to rent as needed, and secures a longer lease for additional stability. At the end of the day, it’s about space and the room to grow. We’re excited about the future of WGM and serving you.
  • August, 2022: WGM Board approves moves to Open Book & build out of space
  • September 1: Start of Fiscal year 2023; Board member rotation
  • September 1: WGM’s 5 year lease with Open Book begins
    • September 1-December 31: WGM on reduced rent from Open Book during construction
    • September 1-December 31: WGM begins short-term lease with Textile Center
    • October 1: Exit classroom 1 (the largest classroom), returning the space to Textile Center to reduce expenses
  • September-October: Hold in-person classes at current space
  • November-December: Hold online classes while packing and moving equipment
  • September-December: WGM Shop remains open to serve members, students & other customers
  • September: WGM contracts with WonderWoman Construction,
  • October: Contractor works begins at Open Book, including lighting & flooring upgrades
  • (anticipated) December: Once contractor work is complete, WGM enacts first phase of move focused on equipment and class resources
  • End of December: WGM completes second phase of move out of Textile Center, focused on shop and offices
  • (anticipated) mid-January, 2023: WGM’s shop re-opens at Open Book
  • (anticipated) mid-February, 2023: WGM’s grant re-opening