Happy (fiscal) New Year! The new year brings with it changes and excitement: new Officers, a new Board of Directors and new energy, new projects, new ideas.
We will spend the year exploring and honoring our past (and having fun) as we celebrate our 80th birthday—all year long beginning January 2020. Planning has begun. You will be hearing more about these various events. Watch this space for invites and for opportunities to volunteer and join in the celebration.
As we celebrate the Weavers Guild of Minnesota’s first 80 years, we will also be planning for our future as we develop a new strategic plan: a document that will guide and direct our activities for the next five years. We had a very successful fall fundraising campaign where you, the membership, contributed $6,000 to fund the strategic planning process and pay for general operations. The strategic planning process includes hiring an expert to help us develop and articulate our collective vision for the future of the Weavers Guild.
And, of course, there will be classes and workshops and interest groups and member meetings. We are a membership organization and we are very glad that you are here.