At the December Winter Social, in between eating, enjoying music, and socializing, attendees responded to questions about the experiences of last year. Here are your responses:

What would you say about learning at WGM?

  • WGM  is the BEST place for learning, experimenting, exploring and indulging!
  • There is always something new I didn’t know.
  • Great instructors!  They know their stuff.
  • One class taken is a gateway to more!
  • FUN!
  • Laugh while you learn!
  • A mistake is consistently called a design element!
  • Hands on.  Humorous.  Sometimes hard but always happy 🙂

What was your favorite project, class, or experience?

  • Working at the State Fair.
  • Pulled Warp and Shaped Tapestry with Susan Iverson.
  • Volunteer spinning, etc. of wolf undercoat fur to support the International Wolf Center.
  • River Blue [movie].  Fiber to the People.  Equity group.
  • Getting acquainted with the rigid heddle loom!  (2 classes worth)
  • Meeting and learning about the Scan Weaving Group.
  • Dobby Weaving Group.
  • Rag Rug Study Group.
  • Spending time with WGM members at Midwest in Grinnell, Iowa.
  • Susan Iverson’s workshop:  Pulled Warp and Shaped Tapestry.
  • Too many to list.  Top 2:  Weaving linen, weaving a blanket.
  • Blanket weaving.
  • Donna [Hanson]’s towel class.
  • Blankets!
  • Weaving a tote bag.
  • Getting to know some members better over the 4 days of the Midwest Conference in Iowa.

What would you say about our community?

  • Inspiring.
  •  Inquisitive.
  • Collaborative.  Social.  Supportive.
  • Supportive.  Creative.  Let’s explore!
  • If we could bottle and sell all this creativity, we’d make a fortune!
  • Can’t believe my luck in falling into this community of fabulous people.
  • I met my best friends here.
  • The Shop … looks like my front porch.
  • Okay, find the mistake!
  • Giddy-up!  Yahoo!

What would you say about our history?

  • A tangle of “yarns.”  Yarns intersecting over time.
  • “Is that madder root?’  “Why yes, my little witches, it’s magic.”
  • History is alive.
  • Hopeful growth realized, potential yet untapped.
  • Thankful for 80 years of experience and looking forward to many, many  more years of the same.
  • 80 years of learning – ready to learn into a bright future.

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota turns 80 next year.  How would you like to see us celebrate?

  • A year-long celebration!
  • Many celebrations with old and new members – Party!
  • Buy our own building J !
  • Have our own building and gallery space.
  • Party stuff.  Woven key rings for sale
  • Another feature on MN PBS Originals show
  • An album of all our past (and present)  BODs.
  • More space.  Better parking.
  • Party with lots of new and old members.

Let’s hear it members! How would you respond? Email: Karin,