The Plied, Dyed & Woven Artisan Sale committee is excited to announce the re-envisioned categories for handmade goods at our next Sale!
The committee has been working on re-imagining this important event since December 2018. We have had a significant amount of feedback from our Members and Customers over the past several years of Fiber Fair. Taking our cue from that feedback, we are narrowing the categories of items we focus on for our annual Artisan Sale.
You and our customers told us they want to see more of our hand made work: Plied (hand spun), Dyed (hand dyed) and Woven (hand woven) goods. And less of the repurposed and upcycled types of items. Said another way, we are laser focused on showcasing goods aligned with our Purpose & Mission and hand made by our members.
The Weavers Guild of MN Artisan Sale – Plied, Dyed & Woven – seeks hand made goods from our members in the following categories:
  • Hand Woven – On any type of loom: Floor, Rigid Heddle, Inkle, Card Pin, Bead, Backstrap; Using any type of fiber: Animal, plant, mineral, synthetic, plastic
    • Kitchen – Towels, Hot Pads / Mitts, Dish Cloths
    • Tabletop – Runners, Placemats, Napkins, Tablecloth / Table Square, Bread Cloth / Bread Bag, Mug Mats / Coasters
    • Household – Rugs, Blankets, Throws, Pillow Covers, Coverlets, Wall Hangings
    • Clothing – Scarf, Shawl, Garments sewn from hand woven cloth
    • Yardage
    • Tapestry
    • Bands / Straps / Belts
    • Other Woven category: Gift cards, Bookmarks, Purses, Wallets, Cosmetic Bags
  • Hand Spun
    • Roving – Dyed or Undyed
    • Yarn – Any fiber
    • Knit / Crochet – Garments, Mittens, Hats, Cowls, Afghans, etc – Using any type of Hand Spun and or Hand Dyed fiber
  • Hand Dyed – Includes any type of dye (natural or commercial; Any type of fiber: Natural Fiber (Wool, Cotton, Silk, Alpaca, Llama, Angora, etc) and Man-Made Fiber (Rayon, Tencel, Bamboo, etc)
    • Hand Spun Fiber – Yarn, Roving
    • “Blanks” = Purchased “blank” or undyed item, made for hand dyeing the following: Yarn (hank, spun/plied), Roving, Warp for Weaving, Scarf (often silk) or Clothing
    • Over Dyed – Usually finished clothing already dyed, which is dyed a second time
  • Hand Felted – Any process – Examples: Nuno scarves and garments are popular; Needle Felting
    • Scarf
    • Cowl / Shrug
    • Garmet
    • Dryer Balls – UNSCENTED ONLY
    • Small toys / figures / animals
  • Hand Crafted – Other Hand Twined, Braided or Ply-Split Braided Items
    • Includes Kumihimo & Ply-Split Braiding items
    • Jewelry – such as woven Bead bracelet, Sami-style tin / leather, Ply-Split braiding
    • Straps / Braids
    • Ply-Split Baskets & Home decor
  • Kits – Includes Kumihimo and other types of pre-packaged fiber kits for hand making projects
  • Tools – Tools used in the creation of hand woven, hand spun or hand dyed items. This does NOT include large equipment such as looms, spinning wheels, warping boards or reels, etc
    • Drop Spindles
    • Shuttles – Boat / Stick
    • Pirns / Bobbins
    • Threading hooks
    • Gripfid
Please contact Cathie Mayr at with any questions or clarifications the Committee can provide.