Online Marketplace Web Specialist Needed!

WGM is evaluating the feasibility of implementing an online Marketplace capability. Due to COVID-19 we’ve had to cancel our in-person fall sale and are interested in providing an online venue for our members to sell their goods.

We are seeking a volunteer to help the Artisan Sale Committee with the following

  • Develop a prioritized list of requirements, features & functions
  • Evaluate purchased / leased software options
  • Arrange and present software demonstrations
  • Understand how to link Marketplace software to the Guild’s PayPal function
  • Assist the Committee with understanding and documenting the integrated human + software workflow

Our timeline is to complete the evaluation within the next 30 days – by August 15th. If our conclusion is to proceed, our target would be to have the Marketplace up and operational by October 17th

If you are interested, please contact Cathie Mayr: