Weavers Guild Artisan Sale:  Plied, Dyed & Woven

Why the New Name? 

by Geri Retzlaff

The Weavers Guild re-envisioning team has been hard at work to refresh and update our annual sale, including considering (and choosing) a new venue and making the sale a shorter 2-day format. One of the things we needed was a new name that would more accurately reflect what this sale is about – you, our members.  

The Weavers Guild annual sale is meant to showcase and uplift the work of our members. We don’t just sell fiber; we sell the work of our hands, whether it be spinning, weaving, or dyeing what we have made. Based on surveys of our artists and feedback from shoppers, the name “Fiber Fair” is too generic to describe our Weavers Guild sale. After all, we are not a craft sale; nor do we sell fleece.

The new name, Plied, Dyed & Woven, lets potential customers know what we are about. The name lets customers know the mission of our guild, what we teach and what we make. Including “Artisan Sale” tells the audience that we are indeed artisans at all levels of our practice! Beginners to advanced makers are proudly represented at the sale. 

We hope you like our new sale name and that you will be busy weaving, spinning and dyeing your fabulous items!

Geri Retzlaff is a member of the Artisan Sale revisioning team, WGM’s Finance Committee, and is a WGM member and weaver.