Will you help us market Fiber Fair, November 9-11, 2018?

Social media can be a simple and easy way to reach people, whether your favorite is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr. To spread the word on Fiber Fair–the Weavers Guild of Minnesota’s annual sale of goods created by our members–we will have a focused photo campaign to market the event, using photos of items offered for sale at Fiber Fair. You can help us to reach more potential shoppers if you share or like those photos on your favorite social media platform, as well as share and promote the event itself on Facebook.

If you are participating in Fiber Fair, we would love to have photos of your work. We need photos representing all the types of great items for sale at Fiber Fair.

Have professional photos already? Please send any photos you have to WGM with the subject line: Fiber Fair. Photos are due September 17.

In need of professional photos of your Fiber Fair items?

The Fiber Fair chairs will be taking photos at WGM on Saturday, September 15 from 10am to 4pm.

How to participate:

You can leave your work in the Fiber Fair box located in WGM’s kitchen closet any time prior to September 15. Please be sure to label your work so we can return it to you after it is photographed.

You are also welcome to stop in September 15 with your work to help us stage and photograph it. To ensure that we have adequate time to photograph the work of everyone who is dropping in, please contact Brenda Andrewson if you plan to attend on the 15th.

WGM’s members offer many amazing items for sale each year at Fiber Fair. When you see a photograph of your work, please share it and let your friends and family know that you made that! We’d love to have as many people as possible shop and support our Guild at Fiber Fair 2018.

–Brenda Andrewson, co-chair of Fiber Fair 2018

Fiber Fair registration is open! Join us November 9-11.