//Blast From the Past

From the Archives: Hilma Berglund’s annual Christmas Cards

We have twenty two Christmas cards created by Hilma Berglund in our Guild Archive collection. They can be viewed at the Minnesota Reflections website under a search for Hilma Berglund Christmas cards. Hilma Berglund (1886 -1972) was born in Stillwater, Minnesota, to [...]

WGM Garden Party: A Success!

A big thanks to Chillon Leach (longtime WGM member and soon to be board member) for hosting the first-ever WGM hosted garden party at her charming turn of the century home in Saint Paul. This event was an opportunity for [...]

WGM “Cooks Corner”!

Thank you to Lynne Schneider who volunteered both as a WGM office ambassador AND on a archives project this week (THANK YOU!). Lynne discovered that WGM used to include a "cook's corner" with member recipes! Here is a capture from a [...]