Did you know members of WGM’s  member interest groups the Banditos helped design, weave, braid and assemble the ribbons awarded by the Weavers Guild of Minnesota at the MN State Fair? WOW!

The ribbons in 2018 drew upon the design used in 2017, but with a few modifications. One, a change in color scheme to purple with accents of gold and red. Second is the addition of braided tails as suggested by our member braiders.

The central tail with “WGM” logo was card-woven with a double-faced technique in which cards are turned individually to produce woven patterns.

Some of the side tails were also card-woven using a simpler method in which all cards are turned simultaneously.

The braided side tails were created with two methods. Some were braided on a Kumihimo disk with a 16-strand diamond pattern. Others used a finger-held loop braiding technique, using patterns labeled as chevron or “unorthodox”.

WGM would like to thank these volunteers for making our awards such a prize to win!

– Peggy Baldwin suggested color schemes and was instrumental in assembly.

– Kristin Lawson assembled the pleated medallions.

– Keith Pierce and Gary Schwarze card-wove the central tails and woven side tails.

– Hazel Lutz and Karyl Petersen braided side tails.

– All helped with assembly.

– And special thanks to Bonnie Buzza for devoting a session of Portable Weaving study group to the assembly.