Calling all Donations: We need your gently used equipment, books, and extra fiber and yarn!

Did you know that WGM sells over $30,000 of donated items through our shop every year? In fiscal year 2019 (9/1/18-8/31/19) we sold $35,000 plus. In the current fiscal year ending this month, donated goods have generated $21,000 in revenue–and that is even after closing for 5 months.
As our income has been severely impacted by Covid-19, sales of donated goods are an increasingly important revenue stream. The work is largely done by our fabulous donation volunteers, who sort, price and display items for sale. Larger items–like floor looms–are sold through the WGM classifieds, which has the additional advantage of allowing sellers a convenient way to find a new fiber artist to adopt their equipment. It’s a win-win.
Have you been cleaning and sorting during this pandemic? Do you have yarn or fiber for projects you’re never going to finish? (Maybe?) WGM needs your donations to help us generate revenue to support the move to online programming and fund our staff.
  • Donate your unused yarn, fiber, and weaving and spinning equipment, and fiber-related books. Unsure if we will accept it? Read the requirements, here
  • Have just a few items and you don’t mind coming in? Sign up for an appointment to drop in to WGM here
  • Bringing more than 2 bags of yarn or you don’t want to come in? Email Karin at to set up a contactless drop off at WGM
  • Have a floor loom or spinning wheel to donate? Email with the item details and a photo or two so our volunteers can assess
Our promise: WGM will evaluate, price and re-sell your treasures at reasonable prices, ensuring items end up in the hands of someone excited to use them. Please email Karin with questions. Thank you!