Thank you to everyone who attended the member meeting last week (December 13)! We were thrilled to see so many friendly faces sharing their thoughts, their latest projects, and their love of fiber with us.
As part of the night’s program, participants wrote and shared their personal six-word fiber stories. Some of the stories we heard:
“Learned to weave, wove a life.”
“I started drumcarding. Slippery fiber slope.”
“I dyed in the messy basement.”
We’ve compiled the night’s stores into a list that we hope will keep growing!
More six-word fiber stories: 
Stash too big, must weave more. (Geri Retzlaff)

I spin, then spin some more. (Beth Friedman)

Weaving keeps me out of trouble.

Now, Ethnic, Weave, Spin, Knit, Mom.

It’s about time!! Waited too Long!!

Wove a rug, walked on it.

First sewing, then knitting, now weaving.

I weave tight to relieve tension. (Karen Mallin)

Weaving class 20 years ago and nothing.

Mary inspired. Create warm homemade home.

Fiber voyeur. Ideas! Ideas! Someday maybe …

Learned to weave, wove a life.

Vintage finds, isolate images, fewer warps.

Silk, bamboo, knots, fun, yardage, yarn.

Weaving – life is the warp. Weft:  journey. (Marilyn Moore)

Yarn to image. Eternally engrossed.

The easy weaver rides again … again.

I started drumcarding. Slippery fiber slope.

The holes are so exciting; lace.

I learned card weaving from MaryAtwater.

Great teachers, members, staff. So blessed!

Weaving is my therapist/headache reliever.

I dyed in the messy basement.

Mom beat, listening, I now weave.

Norwegian wool rewards my winter dreams.


What’s your six-word fiber story? Email yours to to be included on our blog and added to our collection.