Remembering Janet Meany
Weaver, author, and loom champion Janet Meany passed away in October in Duluth, MN. Janet was co-author–along with Paula Pfaff– of the “Rag Rug Hadndbook”, a classic resource for rug weavers. From her obituary: “Janet was a founding member of the Duluth Handweavers Guild, a co-founder of the Minnesota Federation of Weavers and Fiber Artists and served as Minnesota state representative for the Handweavers Guild of America… In 1990 Janet founded “The Weavers Friend,” a newsletter for rag rug weavers that was a labor of love she continued for 25 years. One of her other passions was assembling the Loom Manual Library, which provides instruction books and loom histories, and is now the Janet Meany Collection at the Textile Center.” Read her full obituary here.
From WGM member Janet Newberg: “She was a very special person to everyone and will be greatly missed. I met her many years ago when she used to come down to WGM to meetings. When I would see her up in Duluth over the years she always remembered me. Many members mentioned how she always graciously shared her knowledge of weaving. What a wonderful, enduring legacy she leaves in our hearts and in our community!”
Barb Dwinell, of the Duluth Fiber Handcrafters Guild, wrote: “Janet put her stamp on our Guild many years ago. It is because of her and the force of her gentle unassuming personality that the Guild is the warm, welcoming, affirming, and uncompetitive entity that we so treasure. We will miss her mightily. And now it is our duty to carry on, preserve and protect her legacy.”
Louise Young: “I remember someone once telling me that all of us secretly want to grow up to be Janet Meany. I know it’s always been my goal to emulate Janet in all things: her gentleness and kindness, her sharing and nurturing nature, and her artistry and knowledge of fiber arts. Without her to guide us, it is up to all of us to keep her alive in ourselves: to enthusiastically share our knowledge, to unconditionally encourage anyone interested in exploring fiber arts, and to always, always be generous and kind to each other.”