Rag Rug Study Group Donates to Zoom House in Honor of Nedra Granquist: A Legacy Donation
By Judy Larson, WGM Rag Rug Study group leader


Every weaver has a stash, and after weaving for many decades, the stash can be sizable. After many years of weaving, longtime member and rag rug master weaver Nedra Granquist (pictured) recognized that her stash needed a new home with other rug weavers. She called on the Rag Rug group to come and help her move and distribute her stash to the group members, with a request that a rug be woven to donate to her favorite charity, the Zoom House. In October 2019, the Rag Rug group assisted Nedra with moving her stash, and it was distributed at the next meeting.
Nedra passed away in January 2020, and her stash has been woven into rugs by members of the Rag Rug group. On December 3, those rugs were given to the Zoom House to share with their residents.
Nedra was a weaver, a teacher, and a friendly giver, and this donation continues her legacy. The WGM Rag Rug group is honored to be a part of that legacy.
Participants: Connie Campbell, Chris Kahle, Jo Hill, Diane Gilmer, Shannon Buchda, Karen Mallin, Pete Withoff, and Judy Larson. Donna Hanson and Barb Yarusso will deliver their rugs at a later date.
“Thank you for reaching out… Nedra was a long time supporter of ZOOM House and we were saddened by her passing. One bright light that has been the many friends and interests that Nedra held who are now linked to ZOOM House through the many donations. … Our new ZOOM Program Manager let me know that the rugs were delivered and look amazing! In fact, we are going to be adding one rug to each of the holiday baskets that residents will be receiving. THANK YOU for reaching out and for the generous donation in Nedra’s honor.” –member of the Zoom House Board
“Oh my, Judy and Rag Rug Group buddies! You are all so wonderful. I feel the hugs when I see these rugs. Thank you for making her wish come true and being there for her then and especially for sharing this with me now. We miss her so much. How she would smile to see such astonishing rugs made in her honor for Zoom House. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Ed, Nedra’s son
About: Zoom House is a “transformational housing program that assists families to move from the experience of homelessness toward self-sufficiency offering resources, guidance and support in their journey.” The Rag Rug Study Group has donated rugs in honor of other late members, including Chuck Benson. Learn more about Zoom House, here.