Remember weaving on a potholder loom? Those small metal or plastic squares with pegs around the edges that you would wrap stretchy, candy-colored fabric “loopers” around? Well, small, portable looms aren’t just for elementary schoolers! And, you can make more than coasters and hot pads!

Pin looms come in many shapes and sizes and offer lots of options for projects large and small. Weavers can create clothing, blankets, ornaments, bags, and even easy-to-assemble figurines and stuffed animals on pin looms!

They’re also a great tool for making quick samples. How will these colors play together? How will this pattern look after wet finishing if I mix wool and cotton? Warp up a pin loom and find out!

Stop by the Weavers Guild to try your hand at the Zoom Loom – an updated version of the portable, square pin loom. Or, sign up for our upcoming pin loom class, Incredible, Versatile, Portable Triangle Weaving. Students who register will receive a pin loom that they’ll be able to keep after class and will learn two different methods of triangle weaving, how to catch and fix mistakes, as well as a number of finishing and assembly techniques. Register here.

Images courtesy of Interweave.