A Novice Weaver at 70

by Dan Breva

I’ve been weaving for about 18 months now and still exploring the possibilities of my rigid heddle loom and my 4 harness table loom.  I’ve also discovered that weaving is a good complement to my woodworking interests, so I can switch between projects and the woodworking has contributed needed items for the weaving work.  Lease sticks, pick up sticks, and even boat shuttles have come out of the shop.

The latest projects on the table loom were placemats.  Some went for Christmas gifts and others ended up on our table.  I’ve just finished a set of placemats in complementary plain weave from Tom Knisely’s book, Handwoven Table Linens. I had some questions as I planned the projects and I was thankful for the help and advice from the WGM staff and other members who were willing to help a novice.

I’ve done a couple of projects using the same draft, but with different yarns and/or colors.  It’s been very enlightening and enjoyable to see the weaving appear on the loom and to see the interplay of color, pattern, and yarns in each project.  

Here are a couple of pictures of my table loom and the latest placemats to come off the loom.  The last photo is my wife modeling the shawl I wove last summer for our 50th anniversary trip to Paris.  She really adds to the look of the shawl.  

I registered for a couple of WGM classes this winter, and there are a few new projects already lined up for Spring.  Fun, fun, fun.