Member Book Review: 51 Yarns to Spin Before You Cast Off, Jacey Boggs Faulkner, author (2018) By Marcella Edmund
This compact book is a fine condensation of a great deal of spinning knowledge and advice, presented in logical order with an approachable style.
For the novice spinner, the quick entry into detailed descriptions of fiber type and sheep breeds may seem complex, but what better way to tackle the heart of the process? The author continues into spinning techniques, quickly presenting the core of the book, which is all about spinning options. There are many ways to make yarn, and Ms. Boggs Faulkner classifies the methods into 10 different categories. They increase in complexity, and the hows and whys are clearly explained.
The only thing that I find disconcerting is the lack of photographs of the yarns described. However, I also understand this, since every spinner makes a unique yarn. The author encourages creativity, rather than the replication of set patterns. I enjoy the amusing illustrations of artist Kirsten Slade, and feel that they help keep the tone light in what is a sophisticated, technical book.
It is fun to see that although I am a relatively new spinner, I already spin with at least a dozen of the methods on the list. “51 Yarns” is truly intended as a work-book, with a place for notes and checks at the end of each section. The small size makes it easy to slip into a tote or keep nearby in the spinning studio. I think that every spinner will find useful knowledge in this accessible book.
Marcella is a spinner from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, who was cajoled into writing this review when she purchased this book in Fiber Source. Thank you, Marcella!