Bonnie Buzza, 1944-2023
Longtime member of the Weavers Guild, former leader of the Banditos and Portable Weavers Interest Groups, former Board member


Remembrances from guild members: 


From Debbie Johnson, 

“Bonnie was a long time member of the MN Basket Weavers Guild and served as Treasurer for many years. She was eager to help and an active participant with the Guild’s ‘Basket Bingo’ events. Quietly in the background, her husband Dave was chauffeuring and supporting her. We will all miss Bonnie and her many contributions.”


From Keith Pierce, 

“Bonnie was a colleague and good friend. As leader of Banditos, she was the very first member of the Weavers Guild that I met when joining the interest group in 2012. Her support and encouragement greatly influenced my growth as a band weaver.


“She led Banditos for several more years, but her primary interest was in other fiber techniques and small looms (e.g. pin looms). She formed the Portable Weaving interest group, and led it until Shirley McKee took over this past year. She will be missed.


From Laurice Johnson, 

“She also got me started back with RH weaving as lead of the portable weavers in 2010.”


From Shirley McKee, 

“It was through Bonnie that I joined the Weavers Guild.”


From Sylvia Mohn,

“Bonnie was welcoming to people of all weaving abilities, and her openness to trying new things inspired the Portable Weaving group. She had a wonderful sense of humor. She will be missed.”