We asked members of the Weavers Guild Board some questions about their weaving and spinning journey. Read on to get to know Celeste Grant on a more personal–and creative–level.

Board Term: September 1, 2018 to August 2021; recently became President Elect and will serve as President next fiscal year

Member of WGM since: 2009

Craft of choice, I am a: weaver, spinner, dyer, combo, other: Terrible question!  And which of my children is my favorite?

Skills I bring to the WGM board: Legal skills; lots of prior board experience; some people skills

How I came to join WGM: For about a dozen years I would wander wistfully by the booth at the State Fair and think “I could do that!”. . . and one day I just joined.

Craft book I can’t live without: The Fleece and Fiber Source Book by Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson

Best class I’ve ever taken: Anything and everything by Wynne Mattila at the Weavers Guild

Best design/color/making advice I’ve received: Just do it.

My advice to a beginner: Don’t worry about imperfection. If you want perfection, buy something made by a machine.

Favorite place/site to buy supplies: Textile Center garage sale

I have so much yarn I even have it hidden in my hot tub enclosure in the yard. (Now I am going to have to move it!)

Favorite thing about WGM: All the slightly eccentric and extremely knowledgeable but friendly people who love fiber and will do anything to make sure you love it as much as they do.