Share Your Love of Weaving & Spinning: Demonstrate With Us at the MN State Fair

SIGN UP NOW for 2023!

Has someone demonstrating their craft inspired your own creative journey? Did you see someone weaving or spinning in public and think, “I want to do that!”? If your answer is “yes!” we invite you to join us in demonstrating at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair.
The Weavers Guild first began demonstrating at the fair 70 years ago, recognizing the fair’s reach as one of the most popular summer destinations in Minnesota.
Throughout the years, fairgoers have been introduced to weaving and spinning as they interact with our volunteers and view finished items in the Creative Activities department. In return, the fair provides much-needed exposure for our guild and for weaving and spinning in general.
Having volunteers demonstrate how to weave and spin at the Minnesota State Fair is absolutely critical to our guild.
By showcasing the arts of our mission, we highlight their unique heritage and legacy in the region. As our volunteers weave and spin, they show that these arts–which some may think of as an historic artifact–are alive and actively practiced.
Because the fair attracts people from far and wide, we connect with Minnesotans we may not encounter in the guild space, engaging with visitors of all ages and abilities. Critically, volunteers can point to WGM as a local resource, and provide information to all who may want to learn.
We know it works. After the fair ends, we see renewed interest in our classes. People call about their family spinning wheel because they talked to one of our fair volunteers or watched a bit of the “sheep to shawl” demonstrations. Fairgoers come into WGM, curious to know more about our equipment and donated supplies.
Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you. The annual fair demonstrations are the guild’s largest volunteer event. More than 65 members participate each year, some demonstrating more than once.
If you are interested, please sign up for a demonstration slot. Every volunteer receives free entry to the fair on the day of their demonstration. You need not be an expert–but you must be willing to share your love of weaving, spinning and fiber arts. Our Guild is enriched by the opportunity to demonstrate to fair attendees. Please join us in sharing your enthusiasm.
  • View the sign up sheet and pick your slots.
  • The Weavers Guild has a permanent demonstration space in the Creative Activities building
  • We will have a warped floor loom, a spinning wheel, other small equipment, and room to practice other techniques if your bring your own small equipment
  • There are three demonstration times daily: morning, afternoon and evening
  • There are three demo slots for each time: floor loom, spinning, other demo. Other demo means the demo of your choice, including showing people how to use a cricket loom provided by WGM.
  • NEW: We’ve invited our Interest Groups to participate. If you are demonstrating with one of those groups, contact your group leader. You do not need to use the sign up form.
  • In signing up for a slot, you agree to demonstrate during the allotted time.
  • Register by August 9 to receive your entry ticket and info by mail.
  • The info packet will be mailed to you the week of August 10. The packet includes a ticket for free fair entry, along with the demo schedule and a “need to know” guide.
  • Register August 10 and after, and you will need to arrange to pick up your fair ticket and info packet at WGM.
Questions and comments, please contact Gayle Groebner, WGM State Fair Volunteer Coordinator or Karin Knudsen, Operations Manager