Following the Minnesota State Fair, members who entered the weaving and spinning categories at the fair are asked to show their pieces a second time at WGM–giving all of us a chance to see the work up close! Stop by to see these creations one more time!
While you’re here, you may notice work in the display by members of the Karen Weaving Circle, who entered work at the State Fair for the first time this year. They happily obliged our request to display their award winning work too.
Keith Pierce, WGM member who volunteers with the Karen Weaving Circle, notes:  The Karen are relatively recent newcomers to the Twin Cities from Myanmar by way of Thailand. Many came with skills in their ancient tradition of weaving. They continue this essential craft, weaving beautiful clothing and other textiles using just a backstrap loom. The Karen Weaving Circle was formed just a few years ago. These pieces are the women’s first entries at the State Fair. The Weaving Circle is made possible through the support of the Karen Organization of Minnesota, East Side Freedom Library, Roseville Adult Education, and WGM.
Congratulations to all! Stop by WGM this month to check out these fabulous works.