When: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM CDT
Where: Elmer L. Andersen Library
222 21st Avenue South, Suite 213, Minneapolis, MN 55455
*we will meet at the site. Parking and transportation information: https://www.lib.umn.edu/andersen/visitor-information

UPDATE from our host:

Here is a link with building info and parking:
http://campusmaps.umn.edu/elmer-l-andersen-library Lot C86, our closest parking lot, is under construction and is not
open to public parking.

The 19th Ave Ramp is the next closest paid parking (https://campusmaps.umn.edu/19th-avenue-parking-ramp) and there is some parking down along the River Road in the Bohemian Flats neighborhood.

Let’s plan to meet in the atrium (first floor) of Andersen Library.

Kathryn Hujda
Assistant Curator | Performing Arts Archives and Upper Midwest Literary Archives
University of Minnesota Libraries Archives and Special Collections
Elmer L. Andersen Library Suite 213
222 21st Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55455

Join the Weavers Guild of Minnesota for a behind-the-scenes tour of Performing Arts Archives located at the University of Minnesota Libraries in Minneapolis. Learn about about this special collection from special collection UMN librarians. The Performing Arts Archives was established in 1971 by the University of Minnesota Libraries for the preservation and study of the records relating to the history of theatre, music, dance, and associated organizations in Minnesota. Its goal is to document as fully as possible the activities of individuals and groups in both professional and amateur performing arts throughout the state. The collections include the most important companies in each of the major arts fields.

Because of their unique nature, the library takes extra care of materials by keeping them in underground caverns, thus making this area closed off to the public. The environment in the caverns is more easily controllable—won’t heat up with the sun, won’t cool down during a snowstorm. The temperature is kept at a cool 62 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 45-50 percent year round. Eighty-two feet below the ground, each cavern (of which there are two currently, with room for more) is 680 feet long, 65 feet wide, and 23 feet high. Each one is therefore the length of two football fields; there would be room to park 250 cars in each. More info via Kate Dietrick, Assistant Archivist, Upper Midwest Jewish Archives can be found here>

The Guthrie Theater records constitute a major element of the archives. The theatre company was founded by Sir Tyrone Guthrie in Minneapolis in 1962 and has consistently ranked among the top repertory playhouses in America since that time. Every play performed on the Guthrie mainstage since its first season in 1963 is represented by prompt books, production notes, costume bibles, photographs, audio tapes containing background music or sound effects, and set designs.

Collection information: https://www.lib.umn.edu/paa

Register early, limited spaces available! $25 reserves your spot. Feel free to bring a friend!