Yaks, Yaks, Yaks!

Tour of Hot Disch Farm in Raymond, MN

Moved to May 4, 2pm 

Join the Whorling Spinsters for a tour of Hot Disch Farm (https://www.hotdischfarm.com/), led by owner Craig Dischinger. You will get to meet yaks up close and personal and learn about these large animals and the fiber and meat they produce.  Take a turn combing the winter coat, which yaks shed every spring.  Yaks are double-coated animals, with outer hair and an undercoat of down that is comparable in softness to cashmere, but much less expensive.

Bring boots or old shoes (fields may be muddy) and a cooler and cash if you wish to purchase yak meat (burgers, brats, steaks, roasts), yak fiber or pelts, or farm-raised chickens.

If you wish to attend, please contact Judy Preckshot by email (preck001@umn.edu) or text (612-819-7084).  The farm is about a 2-hour ride from the Twin City metro, so we are organizing carpools.  Please let Judy know if you can drive or if you need a ride and in what part of the metro you live.