Scandinavian Showcase
by Judy Larson
The opportunity to have an in-person showing of Scandinavian weavings, along with the American Swedish Institute (ASI)/WGM partnership “Weaving With History- Scandinavian Weaves” class looms still in use presented the perfect opportunity for an open house, called “Scandinavian Showcase.” On June 27, from 4-6, the Scanweavers had a display of the many types of weaving they have done. Telemarksteppe was still on the Glimakra loom, rosepath, rölakan, dukagång, overshot, and monksbelt samples were on the eleven class looms, and the kitchen area was full of beautiful weavings of all those techniques, plus more!
Visitors were able to see weavers in action, try throwing the shuttle for the first time, and see exquisite examples of finished weavings. There were also Swedish sparkling drinks and tasty cardamom, pepparkakor, and snickerdoodle cookies, along with fresh strawberries for refreshments. About 55 people came to the Open House, and several expressed interest in joining the Scanweavers Study Group.
It was exciting to see beautiful Scandinavian weavings, have social time to talk about our favorite weavings, and enjoy treats as we welcomed visitors and members to our Scandinavian Showcase. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this a successful event.