Join Weavers Guild members Jan Hayman and Arlene Monk for a group viewing and discussion of the exhibit, Hózho, Manifesting Beauty: Navajo Textiles from the Cahn Collections.

This is not a docent guided tour, rather a sharing of impressions of this rare collection of Navajo tapestries. We’ll use the following statement from the exhibit overview as a basis for exploring and reflecting on our experiences: “Hózho is a foundational concept in the Navajo world, encompassing ideas of beauty, harmony, balance, order, grace, health, and happiness. It is a state of being, thinking, and acting. Navajo artists embody hózho as they weave, and textiles are imbued with and become works of hózho.”

The exhibition is free. Meet Jan and Arlene at the tables outside the first floor cafe at 6pm on Thursday, October 17, then walk to the exhibition together. For those arriving after 6:15, head directly to Galleries 262 and 275 to find the meet up. Please RSVP using Facebook.

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