Every year, WGM members volunteer every hour, every day of the State Fair to bring weaving and spinning to fair-goers, some of whom have no idea what wool looks like, how cloth is made, or the difference between weaving and knitting. Demonstrating at the Fair means sharing your love of making things–and possibly changing a life! You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to be willing to have fun, answer questions, and show off your skills.
This year’s emphasis is on ENGAGEMENT: By request of the State Fair, we are looking for volunteers who will actively engage with the public during their demonstration. This could mean guiding someone through throwing a shuttle on the floor loom or a cricket loom, or turning the wheel while a fair-goer uses their hands to spin. Maybe you’ll help a newbie work a drop spindle, or show an eager kid how to tromp on treadles.
This is our largest outreach event of the year. Be a part of it! Sign up—>