About Classifieds

The classifieds is a free service provided by the Weavers Guild of Minnesota.

The classifieds are intended to facilitate: 

  • the re-sale of equipment, books, and supplies related to weaving, spinning and dyeing
  • commissioned help (to search for a skilled craftsperson to do x).
  • In select cases, WGM may also approve ads for other content. If you have questions, please contact us before submitting.

Information for Sellers

Each ad is free and up for 90 days and includes space for one photo. All ads must be approved before publication.

Sellers, take steps to avoid scams and fraud.  Many scam attempts involve these same characteristics: An email or text from someone that is not in your area; Vague inquiry, e.g. asking about “the item”; Poor grammar/spelling; Unfamiliar with weaving or spinning terms; Requesting payment by  cashier check, money order, escrow service, or a “guarantee”; Inability or refusal to meet face-to-face to complete the transaction.

Read the full scam and fraud prevention tips from Craigslist, here.


The Weavers Guild of Minnesota does not sell, inspect, certify or warrant any of the equipment or goods listed for sale in the Classifieds section, nor does it make any investigation of, or warranty regarding, any buyer or seller, or their ability or desire to actually complete a transaction. WGM merely allows prospective sellers to place notices on this webpage, the accuracy of such notices is the sole responsibility of the seller. The Weavers Guild of Minnesota specifically disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy of data listed. Buyers should independently verify all information with the seller. 

The Classifieds is a free service, provided by the Weavers Guild of MN, so that anyone may post ads related to weaving, spinning and dyeing.

You can ensure that it remains a free service by making a donation.

Classified listings

Trying to sell your floor loom? Looking for a used spinning wheel? Look no further.