Members of the Whorling Spinsters interest group are participating in a 3rd year of volunteering on behalf of the International Wolf Center, (Ely, MN). Using the hand groomed undercoat fur from the IWC’s Ambassador wolves, these spinners create yarn for woven, knit, crocheted, skeins, felted, and novelty items.

This fur is naturally shed and collected annually by the IWC’s trained staff.  Federal and state permission has been procured for this huge project which raises money for the annual Wolf Care Fund online silent auction. All proceeds go to this fund and the IWC has a 4 star Charity Navigator rating.  March 13-22 is this year’s online auction. Please consider supporting the IWC’s mission and efforts to promote worldwide education.

In addition to our WGM spinners, this year will include 6 Fiber Pack Leaders who have created items from [wofl] Aidan’s undercoat fur.  (To honor Aidan’s spirit, the former wolf pack leader who just passed away, these handspun skeins were created by spinning leader Chillon Leach).  Famous fiber people involved who fully support the IWC’s mission and generously volunteering to use their own creativity to do so:

  • Deborah Robson
  • Patsy Zawistoski
  • Linda Ligon
  • Stephenie Gaustad (and friends)
  • Judith MacKenzie
  • Jillian Moreno

Pass the word along and be sure to bid on these highly sought after items, too!

The full story of Chillon’s journey beginning this project with much collaboration to follow, can be found in the upcoming PLY magazine “Fur” issue, release date 3/10. Items are pre-view only on the site.