New and Occasional Weavers (NOW) Group Meeting:
Crackle Weave—with Lucy Brusic
Sunday, November 10 in the WGM Spinning room, 1 to 2:30pm
The structure Crackle (thought to resemble the crackling on some pottery glazes) was the name given by Mary Atwater for the less easily pronounced, yet more worldly recognized Scandinavian term Jamtlandsvaev. Traditional Crackle creates a sturdy fabric with short floats, replicating the look of Overshot and Summer and Winter. However, many nontraditional design ideas and color mixing experiments are also possible with this weave structure.
Lucy Brusic has spent 40 years weaving crackle and is the author of A Crackle Weave Companion. Lucy will discuss what crackle weave is, how the structure works and introduce us to the endless possibilities it offers. Bring your projects for show & tell after her presentation. All members are welcome.
P.S. Have a copy of Lucy’s book? Bring it for her to sign!
Contact group lead Arlene Monk with event questions.
Please note: There will be no December meeting. Save the date for January 12, 2020.