Member Recommendation: Village Wardrobes: Traditional Dress from Western and Central Ukraine

On view now at The Museum of Russian Art, through November 3rd


“Walk into this extraordinarily well-curated collection of intricately embroidered and beautifully hand-woven garments from eight regions of Ukraine, displayed on free-standing mannequins, allowing you to closely examine the textiles from all sides.  You will sigh in appreciation.” –member Carol S. Carter


From TMORA’s webstie: The exhibition Village Wardrobes: Traditional Dress from Western and Central Ukraine provides a fascinating overview of traditional clothing from ten different ethnographic regions in Ukraine. Dating from the late 19th to the mid-20th century, the folk dress on display gives a glimpse into Ukraine’s rich regional clothing traditions. The exhibition highlights the remarkable variety of Ukrainian ethnic attire and the outstanding quality and detail of these homemade garments. An important part of the exhibition is a unique selection of costume accessories including period jewelry, belts, shoes, bags, head coverings, and more, displayed together with the outfits.

The objects on display are drawn from the expansive folk art collection of Susan Johnson. The Museum is grateful to its founders, Ray and Susan Johnson for their dedicated support of the Museum. We acknowledge the important contributions of the exhibition’s ethnographic consultant Jan Letowski, whose expertise in the particularities of regional dress was instrumental in preparing the show.