Our Weavers Guild Library has an extensive collection of fiber related books, but do we have them all? Are there
fiber books available that we don’t have in our collection?

This summer, the Handweavers Guild of America (HGA) gave us the opportunity to find out.

HGA decided that it was not practical for them to have their own circulating library and offered their collection of
1156 books to guilds across the country. We just had to pay book-rate shipping. What an opportunity!!

So, Nancy Mambi, the intrepid Textile Center librarian, and I (chair of the WGM Library Committee) split the list
of books HGA was offering r to determine which ones we did not already own. As you know, our collection is
online, so we just entered titles and determined that we did not have 327 of the available books. Karin Knudsen
sent in our request.

HGA sent us 103 books and now 89 new-to-us books have been catalogued and are ready to check out.

The books are varied in their scope. Here is a sample:

Many offer a glimpse into a very specialized fiber tradition.
Patterns of Paradise: The Styles and Significance of Bark Cloth Around the World by Ann Leonard
TT 848 .E846 L46 1980
The art of piupiu making : an instructional manual setting out the materials, design and assembly
of the Maori skirt, central item of Maori costume by Ngapae Kaihine Hopa
TT 848 .E846 H67 1971
Peruvian Featherworks: Art of the Precolumbian Era by Heidi King
TT 848 .E846 H67 1971

Almost a quarter of the books we received were about Baskets.
A Bearer of Tradition: Dwight Stump, Basketmaker by Rosemary Joyce
TT 879 .H57 J69 1989
Indian Basketry of Western North America (From the Collection of the Bowers Museum, Santa
Ana, California) TT 879 .E94 B69 1977
Nantucket Lightship Baskets by Edgar Seeler and Katherine Seeler
TT 879 .R34 S44 1984
Decorative Marshallese Baskets by Judy Mulford
TT 879 .R34 M85 1991
Columbia River Basketry: Gift of the Ancestors, Gift of the Earth by Mary Dodds Schlick
TT 879 .R34 S35 1994
Weavers Of Tradition And Beauty: Basketmakers Of The Great Basin by Mary Lee Fulkerson
TT 859 .R34 F69 1995
Basketmaker in Rural Japan by Louise Allison Cort and Kenji Nakamura
TT 879 .C63 C67 1994
And explorations of a specific technique.
New ways with raffia: braid, weave, sew, knit, embroider, crochet by Grete Kroncke
TT 875 .K713 K76 1971
Contemporary appliqued beadwork (Threads in action monograph 2)
by Annabel Whitney Wooksmall
TT 860 .F33 W66 1979
Tassel Making for Beginners by Enid Taylor
TT 848 .O44 T39 1997
Technical aspects of the textile industry.
Textile Fabric Flammability by Stanley Backer
TS 1449 .T366 1976
The textile fibres; their physical, microscopical and chemical properties
by Joseph Merritt Matthews
TS 1540 .M38 1947