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Fiber to the People!

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota is taking a deep dive into historical and sustainable textile production methods through classes, field trips, and partner events.

Over the next year or more, we’ll create yarns from foraged nettle fibers, dye yarns and fabric from plants you can learn to grow and preserve here in Minnesota, learn to spin using sticks, and mend our clothes and other textiles using loom waste. Handspun and handwoven sails powered ships that crossed the oceans, while socks and tunics created from foraged materials and tools supported civilizations and have lasted centuries for us to examine. Join us in exploring this fiber heritage!

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.


Upcoming Classes and Events

March 6: FREE Sustainability Film Series Special Screening of RiverBlue

March 6-20: Intermediate Inkle Weaving: Pick-up Weaves

March 25-30: 3-Shuttles/3 Fabrics: Denim, Flannel, T-Shirts, or Neckties

March 30 + May 2-6: Warp-Weighted Loom Weaving: Sami-Inspired Blanket or Rug

April 2-16: Intro to Band Weaving on the Backstrap Loom

April 2-28: Beginning Rag Rug Weaving

April 4-25: Needle Lace

April 19: Special Talk with Fiber Artists Sara Okern and Eric the Quilter

April 28: Mending and Finishing with Thrums

April 30-May 14: Pick-up Band Weaving on the Backstrap Loom

May 4: Scaffold Weaving

May 18: Spring Fleece Washing and Prep

May 23: Spinnekrok Spinning