Is a lack of a studio space and equipment slowing you down? Do you need a creative escape? WGM is here to help! The classrooms and equipment are available for WGM Members to use as a studio and to work on fiber projects. We also have a kitchenette for you to use, so feel free to bring snacks, and settle in for hours of creativity! Equipment is available during all Guild hours; please check the calendar on the home page for room availability. To use our equipment, join WGM or renew your membership.

Floor Loom Room

  • Schacht floor looms, 8 Harness; 26″ – 46″ weaving width
  • One loom includes a sectional warping beam
  • One loom includes a supplementary back beam
  • Warping reel
  • Warping boards, bobbin winders, and other tools

Floor Loom Rental Rate: $5 per day or $30 per two weeks.

Rug Room

  • Kessenich floor looms, 8 Harness, 42″ weaving width
  • Glimakra Countermarch looms, 8 Harness, 48 ” weaving width
  • Warping boards, bobbin winders, and other tools

Rug Loom Rental Rate: $5 per day or $30 per two weeks.

Spinning Room

  • Double & single treadle spinning wheels from a variety of manufacturers.
  • Electric Spinning Wheels
  • Drum and hand carders, flickers, and other tools
  • Fine fiber drum carder
  • Electric drum carder

Electric Drum Carder Rental Rate: $3 per hour
Spinning wheel rental rates: $5 per day or $30 per two weeks. Some spinning wheels can be taken off-site.

Equipment rental 

Scheduled classes and workshops receive priority for rooms and equipment. Contact the office for availability, and to reserve a floor loom, rug loom, or electric drum carder – 612-436-0463 or