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July 20-September 10, 2017 | Exhibition with the Norway House, “Traditional Norwegian Weaving: American Reboot”
Make Minneapolis your destination this summer for an exhibit joining Norwegian weaving past and present. Inspired by historical textiles, American weavers have used Norwegian weaving techniques to create a new body of work, contemporary in design or materials. More info>
Event contact: Robbie lafleur1801@me.com

August 18, 2017 | Artist talk by Kati Meek
Textile Center Auditorium. Join us for a talk by Kati Meek, WGM’s guest workshop instructor in August. Meek’s workshop will focus on weaving with linen. More info>
Event contact: Kristen kstoeckeler@weaversguildmn.org
Event volunteer signup: here

August 24-September 4, 2017 | WGM at the Minnesota State Fair
The Weavers Guild of Minnesota has demonstrated at the Minnesota State Fair for many years and this year we are back at it! Demonstrations on behalf of WGM allow us the opportunity to expose the general public to the arts of spinning and weaving. More State Fair info>
Event contact: Maddy saltofthenorth@gmail.com

September 9, 2017 | WGM at the NE Farmers Market, Minneapolis
RSVP here>
Event contact: Melba melba.granlund@gmail.com

October 3, 2017 | WGM Tours: The Goldstein Museum of Design’s “Jack Lenor Larsen at 90: Transformations By A Textile Innovator”. Register today! This event is limited to only 15 registrants. Event contact: Beth bbowman@weaversguildmn.org

November 10-12, 2017 | Weavers Guild of Minnesota’s Fiber Fair 2017
Event contact: Karin info@weaversguildmn.org

January 2018 | WGM Exhibition at Paradise Center for the arts, Faribault, MN, details TBA.
Event contact: Beth bbowman@weaversguildmn.org

April 2019 | WGM Exhibition at Owatonna Arts Center, details TBA.
Event contact: Beth bbowman@weaversguildmn.org

September 2019 | WGM Exhibition at Great River Arts Galleries, Little Falls, details TBA.
Event contact: Beth bbowman@weaversguildmn.org

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