//“Spun from the Bag”

“Spun from the Bag”

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by Chillon Leach 3/12/2017





















There are many techniques from which to spin fiber: from the fold, from the comb, from the batt, and even directly from the rabbit! But this was a new technique for me: spinning from the bag.

In preparing for the most recent Whorling Spinster spinning interest group challenge, I had a bag of clean tow linen fibres on hand. I purchased this at our WGM meeting at which Patricia Bishop of Taproot Fibre Lab, Nova Scotia, was our guest speaker. www.taprootfibrelab.ca

The recent 2nd annual “5 Card Long Draw Poker” event was a great success. Each participant drew 5 cards labeled with fiber, ply, color, weight, and final item to make. With only a month to spin and create, there was room for interpretation and humorous justification to accompany the work at hand. My poker hand drawn was linen, natural color, 2 ply, worsted weight and a scarf.

The short pieces of linen tow fiber were filled with chaff and I ended up spinning directly from the bag in short little bursts of intense forward draw tight spinning and plying. The resulting 6 ½” x 29” scarf would’ve scratched Big Foot’s neck!
This gave me the idea to turn it into a spa scrubbie — there’s a pocket for soap and enough length for those hard-to-reach back areas. My hope is that constant use over time will cause the linen to have it’s well known qualities of softness, shine, and flowing drape — but I doubt it!

Well, I guess I have also inadvertently participated in WGM’s “Year of Linen”. Outdoor rugs and boat tow ropes, here I come. But hey, I’ll be squeaky clean and smooth of skin while being so creative!