by Robbie LaFleur

The Guild’s new Five-Year Strategic Plan was approved at the October Board of Directors meeting.  This aspirational document will be important to our board and membership as the Guild grows in the coming years.  It will help Weavers Guild members understand the scope and values of our organization, and help non-Guild funding groups understand our operations as well.

An excellent process document details the development of the newly-approved five-year plan.  The Guild was lucky to have to have members who are talented writers and long-term thinkers.  We were lucky to have the input of many members over the development time.  It was a long process, and one that made for some long board meetings. At the beginning, before the various sections were turned over to committees, the full board developed the values and vision statements, building on our existing mission statement.


WGM – Preserving and advancing the arts of weaving, spinning, and dyeing.


WGM will have a national reputation as a vibrant arts organization in Minnesota and the region with innovative and high quality programming for weavers, spinners, and dyers of all skill levels.


WGM celebrates and respects all individuals from beginners to seasoned artists and craftspersons.

As a grassroots organization, we value the active participation of our volunteers, staff, and members.

We value traditional fiber techniques and culture as well as innovative, art-based uses of fiber.

We value a rich, positive environment that inspires lifelong learning in a non-competitive environment, nurturing a multi-generational and diverse community.

You can read the full plan by visiting this page and scrolling down to WGM 2020: Five Year Strategic Plan. And if you want to, it won’t take you an entire evening! The plan was intentionally written as a guide and informative document, one that will retain flexibility during inevitable changes in the coming years.