By Robbie LaFleur

Nedra Granquist just finished teaching a class on patchwork rugs.  In this photo, you can see the enthusiasm and satisfaction of two of her students, Cynthia Scott and Jennifer Nicklay.


Each rug was cut off the loom after weaving.  At the last class, just before last week’s member meeting, the rugs all came together for a fascinating comparison.  Because the dense warp made the rugs largely warp-faced, the rugs were similar, but the choice of weft made for interesting variations.  Cynthia used cotton batiks; you can see a bit pf peeking pattern in some of her squares.  Jennifer used selvedge strips purchased in bulk by her parents from Munsingwear, years ago.  And even though she made quite a long rug, “There is STILL TONS left,” she told us.

Nedra used cordoroy for her weft, which made for a pleasingly stiff hand to the rug.  There were many colors in the rug, which she said all came from pants she used to wear in the seventies. (??! She kept all these pants, all these years?) In this close-up of Nedra’s rug, you can see that when the color of the weft matches the color of a patch, the result is a really vibrant section. Look especially in the row with gold patches.


Well done, Nedra!